Thursday, March 02, 2006

Combinations of Random Rantings...

Most of crappy stuff happened recently, but can't be bothered to comment abt them since it'll set my blood boiling at insanely high temperature, so I'm gonna skip the crap, & head over to the commentaries...

NYP rubbish~
The recent NYP sex video scandal was widely searched/googled/yahooed/watsoever by everyone online, such that it sent Singapore right to the top of the list for several search engines.
Of cos, after reading Ah 9's entry abt his recent visit to JB, I realised even the pirates also mistaken the actual Tammy for Ms Black High Heels & used her fotos for the cover image of the CD.

Photos courtesy of Ah 9

To all those non-ReNu users, are u all that blind???
To quote Ms Black High Heels' response to all these mistaken identities,
"She is 17. I am 22."
"She is still studying. I am working."
"She went
for counselling. I DIDN'T."
My nice good-old-me response to all these negative publicity?
People, pls take a closer & better look, and come on, be sensible abit more lor~!

Of cos, the straight-in-the-face annoying insulting response will be:
Oei, U can insult her(BHH) integrity but don't insult her look k? Machiam Tammy is so bleh, like deadfish in bed lidat somemore!!
-Disclaimer: My friend tell me 1.- *pack bag run to batam*

NS & its toll...
Recently there's a new production from the grp that produced "Tak Giu" not too long ago.
It's titled "Zo Peng", a short film that features 3 gals in the position of guys who have to serve NS, & the typical problems they face.

It's rather nostalgic, considering I'm almost at the end of my NSF career & that most of the things mentioned in the film, most guys can relate to them...
Do check it out here...

I'm pretty much done for the night here...
Well, stay tuned for more crappy updates...

0 MoOeD~!!

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