Saturday, February 25, 2006

Alcohol & its effects

I seriously think Alcohol's taking a toll on me pretty badly.
For starters, I can't recall what's been taught in my classes, like what's Fayol's & Taylor's classical theory of management, the various models involved, the various IS management factors, & of cos Corporate & Business Law, the mother of all killers..
For 2nds, my body's degrading ability to tolerate & process alcohol's killing me off faster than I expected during each drinking session, and the standard set as benchmark during the appearance of a green lean mean hulk at Wala last year is harder & harder to achieve...

Even as I type, I'm feeling thirsty not becos I didn't have fluid intake this morning, but a side-effect of craving for alcohol subconsciously.
Thus I'm issuing myself a ban on alcohol products above 5% till May & products above 30% till mid Jun when I no long have...
1) stupid Botaks who come in 2 weeks time for PTP to handle in May
2) any papers left by 12 Jun
3) exceeded my upper-limit weight of 65kg.
Of cos, the usual minimum of 2x exercise a week will be in place to ensure I keep my fitness & health in check...

Oh well, I think I'll break all these self-imposed restrictions & bans, so do help k? =)
Afterall, 3 mths' a hell long of a period...

1 MoOeD~!!

At 3:27 am, February 26, 2006, Blogger Joelle said...

Beer gifs u a beer belly!!

Till Jun!!!! During May can haf open bottle ceremony rite! Hahaha~

*prays for skinny cow to grow fatter, so that he will be fit for milking again*


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