Thursday, January 19, 2006

Back-dated Posts...

I never really gotten down to typing a decent piece of shit entry article nowadays till recently due to excessive zzz privacy issues in camp...
The sleepless Nites...

Due to my usual 10~14 hrs of ZZZ a day on weekdays, weekday nights are getting harder and harder to Zzz...
Thus I've been talking to 1 of the barflies these few nites crapping, crapping & nothing else but crapping. (Damn, I'm full of crap..)
& certainly, that dude has a cute sister that goes "I thought I saw a pussy cat..." in the background that never fails to amuse me..
Well, so much for being retro... =P
The 3-handed thieves...

While we're away doing some logistic stuff for the guys who are supposed to ORD pretty soon (yes fark off will u all? u're such a nuisance for crying out loud), some asshats among them decided that the rest of us poor NSFs who ORD later can provide for their loss of equipment that need to be returned & decided to have a 'buffet'.
Thus the damage:
A blanket... (who the hell would wanna steal that?!)
A ET stick... (damn that cost quite abit...)

So to u asshats, FUCK U & FUCK UR STEALING!
See U all no up k?!
U guys are pwned, I must say. (Investigations underway by the PS now)
So be a man, do the right thing.
The NS Defaulters...

On Monday, there was this revised punishment list being drafted by the Parliment & on channel 8 news, our camp & some of the not-so + so-damn confidential equipments were shown on tv.
So me & a fren called Peng was watching the news and I was like,

Me: "Hey, they're gonna fine & jail those people man..."
Peng: "Yah, but don't really think it's gonna work.. Afterall, if u can afford to pay the fine, U can afford to take up citizenship elsewhere..."
-Then image of the Class 30 (AKA toilet roll) was shown on the tv-
Me: "Hey I know! Chain them with iron shackles & iron balls, den make them do the Class 30!"
Peng: "wahahhaah... Evil sia u..."
*Both of us laughing away like Hyenas...*
The Adam's Rib...

I was pretty outdated for quite awhile before reading up on blogs and realised Ducky's with Ghostrider now... (ok, actually I oso dunno who.)
Gong Xi Gong Xi... =)
His article abt her was sweetly written, reflecting how much she meant to him...
And the key word? Adam's Rib.

I guess I won't be worrying about this till years later when I request the aid of Beijing 101, considering school's starting in 1/2 yr's time & well...
It's a different ball game all together in Uni...
Still... I need my Adam's Rib...

But.... DAMN!!!
I'm hungry, where's my St. Louis Pork Ribs?

The Pimple Invasion...

'Nuff Said. I look like Er Lang Sheng now.
Fark, I better looking that that geezer k? !#%^$^

Well that's enough crapping for these few days/weeks/months...
Have fun & don't get into trouble before CNY... =)

0 MoOeD~!!

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